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Anglesey, 6-7 June 2009

The journey to Anglesey was a stressful one, as the tow car was broken into at the motorway services, forcing us to return home on Friday night and try again on Saturday morning! The lack of sleep didnít seem to affect me too much though and I battled through the morning by drinking lots of Lucozade.


The track was fairly wet with a slightly drying line, and I started putting in what felt like fast laps but when I started pressing hard at the end of the session, I managed to spin on both laps that felt much faster than the rest. Qualified a disappointing 7th in class for both races, behind quite a few class A and B cars directly ahead on the grid.

Race 1

Wet again but with more rain this time, made a good start, but the more powerful cars around me just blasted past again before the second corner. I managed to get past Austen Greenway in the braking zone of Rocket by being much later on the brakes, then got locked into a battle with the two black Furies of Matt Green and Andy Grant, first getting past Matt at Rocket then Andy in the same place, but ran a bit wide and rejoined alongside Andy. Some very slithery moments followed and unfortunately the space I left Andy got swallowed up as I battled with oversteer and gave him a very light tap on the right rear corner. This spun Andy round, but thankfully there was no damage to either car and Andy rejoined behind. Richard Wise was persuing me throughout the race and towards the end of the race managed to find his way through. Finished a very damp 5th in class!

Race 2

For the first time in the weekend it was dry at last, but with I had a similar problem of being swamped by class A cars at the start. The circuit was very slippery throughout the race and everyone was finding the lack of grip a challenge. I had a good battle with Matt Green again - driving side by side through the corkscrew was interesting but I finally won out as I had the inside line onto the start/finish straight. I then started catching Richard Wise who was in 5th, but pushed too hard and span off onto the grass at Church at about 90mph, losing a few places. I rejoined the race to finish 7th in class.

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