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6th May 2011 - Prodrive Factory Tour

Flashes of Blue n' Yellow, hints of British Racing Green and a myriad of other colours, the kaleidoscope of motorsport liveries in the great cathedral that is the Prodrive Heritage Centre in Banbury, are etched in visual memory. It was here that the members of Wild Carr Racing found themselves on 5th of May to help further improve the team's approach to racing and car preparation. From the Subaru Imprezas which form the historic core of Prodrive, to variants of the Aston Martin GT cars, the scale and attention to detail of each aspect of race-car preparation on display was very impressive. The Mini Clubman WRC took centre-stage for the rallying side of the business and we wasted no time in looking for interesting design cues to pick-up and perhaps translate onto the new car. The highlight of the tour was the brand new LMP1 Aston Martin AMR-One, which had just come back from Le Mans testing. It is an intriguing machine that pays tribute to the history of Aston Martin racing, while being clothed in a livery that is synonymous with the great race itself. As the tour concluded, the wail of a straight six Le Mans engine on the test beds provided a fitting crescendo to our brief association with those stellar cars.

1st May 2011 - National Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh

We had the car on the Fury Sportscars stand for both days of the National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh. The show had a fantastic turn out with over18,000 visitors, so it was treat to have the car on display in such a prominent position.

1st April 2011 - New Livery Complete

Car now has new livery thanks to Kirklees College students and Colne Valley Signs and Graphics. Read more on this exciting work.

1st March 2011 - Car preparation underway

We have started a project with a local college to redesign the livery on the Fury, and we're looking forward to seeing the results soon. We have also been busy in the workshop making the car ready for the new season, with various new parts making their way onto the car in line with the new regulations for RGB.

16th January 2011 - Autosport International Show

We visited the Autosport International Show to see what's new in the world of motor racing this year and to meet up with some of our partners. We had a great time at the show and have come back with many ideas and some new contacts who are interested in helping us in 2011, which is always good. We will be back racing again in 2011, as well as organising some events on the road for like minded drivers. The Fury is having it's usual winter maintanence and we are pushing to get several upgrades on the car before the first race of the season in April.

04 July 2010 - New quarter mile record for the Fury!

I returned to York Raceway and managed to set a new quarter mile record for the Fury!
Started off on the wider tyres at the rear (which was slower last time out but wanted to try them again) with the passenger cover on, door mirrors removed and brake ducts taped up. Changes from last time out are new quiet exhaust system and the new air intake duct (the "N duct" as I've called it) rather than just the open air box intake as I had last time. First run equalled my fastest time in the last session, second run started chipping away at my best ever times! I eventually ended up with the smaller rear tyres on and using the sticker side of the track to get a 12.53 sec quarter mile which also won me a runners up trophy in the Sunday Street Wars challenge for rear wheel drive cars on road legal tyres. I lost out to Cortina drag car which had a few hundred more hp, so I wasn't too disappointed as it would have been a miracle to have won! Proof that the N-duct and exhaust are working nicely and to top it off, I beat Chris Green's ZX14 mini's time of 12.55 set earlier in the year.

31 May 2010 - York Raceway Debut

The car had a good debut at York yesterday, ultimately running a 13.0 at the end of the day. My previous best on a 1/4 mile was 13.55 in 2004 (when the car still had full bodywork with doors and a windscreen and ran hard road tyres). I started off at 13.65 and gradually got quicker, helped by varying tyre pressures, changing tyre diameter (and so gearing) and various aero mods. The plan is to be back when I next have the opportunity with some more modifications (ie air inlet completed and I'll jettison some weight) and see how we get on. I still have 0.5 of a second to find to beat Chris Green's ZX14 mini, but I made mincemeat of a a Fireblade powered Westfield, so all is well!

2009 Overview

2009 was our most competitive season yet, netting our first class pole position, first fastest lap in class, and best ever finishing positions. Although we couldn’t compete in every round, we finished 13th overall and 5th in class C within the championship, which is our best position to date. We have also had a great year for press coverage, with 6 articles in Complete Kit Car magazine, the car pictured in Autosport magazine, and pictures appearing in the 750 Motor Club Bulletin twice. The battle for the class win at Snetterton in September was a major feature of the coverage by Motors TV, with the Wild Carr Racing Fury getting plenty of air time.

11 October 2009 - 4th place finish

Tricky track conditions in qualifying played into Henry’s hands to qualify joint second in class and sixth overall, but a difficult start to the race meant a drop to a fourth place finish.

20 September 2009 - Snetterton trophy

First ever class pole position despite a shortened qualifying session was a great start to the weekend, and an exciting race long battle for the lead resulted in another second place trophy – find out more here.

22 August 2009 - Silverstone car trouble

Despite gearbox issues, Henry still manages to finish 6th. Find out more.

02 August 2009 - Mallory Park Silverware for Henry

Henry takes career best 2nd place in opening race, but mechanical problems put paid to another repeat finish in 2nd race. For full story click, read on.

02 July 2009 - Cummins Turbo Technologies Interesting Vehices Day

After plenty of spit and polish, we brought the car in for the third Cummins Turbo Technologies Interesting vehicles Day which as usual was well attended and had some unusual cars on display including a rear-engined bike powered mini, a 410bhp Nissan Sunny GTI-R and a Renault 4 van! This year the event was in aid of the Forget-me-Not trust and raised a total of £262 for the charity.

24 June 2009 - Ginetta Visit

The Wild Carr Racing Team and some of our sponsors headed to the Leeds headquarters of Ginetta Cars to enjoy an evening touring the factory. We started with a quick look at the design studio and an overview of their design philosophy, which boils down to something very similar to the 750 Motor Club’s mission of great value for money racing. We continued onto the factory and saw new and old designs of Ginettas being built, the highlight being the Ginetta Zytek GZ09S LMP1 car freshly back from the Le Mans 24 hour race. Ginetta's owner (and Le Mans driver) Lawrence Tomlinson gave us an insight into the LMP1 car and what it was like to drive at the famous race which was fascinating and an unexpected pleasure. We also saw the previous Le Mans cars that Team LNT has raced - a very purposeful looking TVR and the class-winning Panoz. It was great to see how a professional constructor operates and prepares its cars and many thanks to Ginetta for allowing us in. The Electric G50 will be at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and we wish it the best of luck.

08 June 2009

Anglesey was the venue for my latest races. For the full story click here.

11 May 2009

Raced at Cadwell Park this weekend and managed to come away with 2 third place trophies and some minor bodywork damage. For the full story click here.

27 April 2009

Competed in my first 2 races of the season down at Brandshatch. Took a pleasing 5th and 4th position at a track I have not visited since 2006. Also managed to lap over a second quicker than my previous visit which is the reward for all the work carried out over the winter. To find out more about my race weekend and the Saturday evening BBQ to help support the race marshals click here.

17 April 2009

Carried out the first test of the season at Cadwell Park. Early start for the team (6.30am) and still missed the first session due to failing the noise test. Soon remedied with a Coke can and a jubilee clip. Although this didn't last long.
The car ran well with only the oil leak causing minor concern. However this will be sorted before we race at Brands Hatch. For more information and pictures of the test day, click here.

24 March 2009

We attended the Leicestershire Enterprise Expo at Mallory Park with Rutland Performance Vehicles and as part of the day we had a few laps around the track. Fourteen laps later and the car appears to be going well, with the only problem appearing to be a few drips of oil from the front engine cover, which should be easy to fix and isn't bad after a full rebuild!

16 March 2009

Over the weekend we've made fantastic progress and are nearly ready to go. The new fuel tank has been fixed in place and plumbed in and the engine fired up first time. The rear bodywork now has a coat of primer (thanks Tom) and has been flatted down ready for the paint, the bonnet has been modified to give lower drag and the sidepods are going back on the car. It now looks like a complete car but is still a little way off being finished, so more hard work needed for the next few weeks to get it all done in time.

11 March 2009

I'm pleased to report that we've made some great progress over the last few days, and celebrated the new smoothness of the rear bodywork by cutting a load more holes in it! Luckily this was all part of the plan to decrease the drag and lighten the bodywork. We now have a nice new aluminium fuel tank that is ready to install and nearly 3kg lighter than the original steel one thanks to Rutland Performance Vehicles. We should have the engine running by the weekend, by which point she should be nearly ready to go.

05 March 2009

The engine is going back in having redesigned the reversing mechanism to be much more reliable and easier to use. The rear bodywork is nearly ready for painting, so we'll be moving onto the front bodwork soon for subtle modifcations to improve the airflow.

02 Feb 2009

We made some great progress over the weekend, with the bodywork being prepared for filling, a new lightweight sidepod being nearly finished and the engine starting to be checked over. We'll also be in the April issue of Complete Kit Car (out in March) in the racing diaries section.

29 Jan 2009

The first motorsport event of the season went very well with a clear win! I competed in a team endurance race at Raceway karting at Pontefract and won by nearly a whole lap, completing 146 laps over an hour's race with my team mate, and managed to bag the second fastest lap of the night (only beaten by three hundreths of a second). We gained an early advantage with Gareth qualifying and taking the lead after a few laps. After 20 minutes we swapped over, but early in my stint I got caught out by a slower driver, having to jam on the brakes a bit harder than expected resulting in a spin at the end of the straight. Fortunately I didn't lose any places rejoining and quickly caught the pack back up again. By the end of my 40 minute session the tiredness was beginning to show but I kept the pressure on and brought the winning trophy home!

26 Jan 2009

The car is coming along well, with the engine mounts now finished, all the suspension back together and the rear disks drilled to save those vital few grams of rotating weight. We have even got round to starting the rear bodywork and the front undertray is well on its way. Only a just over month to go until testing though, so we'll be busy in the garage on Tuesday and Wednesday nights as well as on Saturday to try and push forward, all help appreciated!

19 Jan 2009

The lightened differential has gone back together and the back axle is ready for re-assembling back onto the car. The new engine mounts are nearly finished and have saved a surprising 0.8kg - the old ones really weren't very good! I'll be back in the garage on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and maybe Wednesday too, this weeks target is to get the car back on it's wheels and to start sorting out the aerodynamics with the front undertray.

12 Jan 2009

We've started re-making the engine mounts lighter and moving the engine up so that we can lower the whole car for a lower centre of gravity. In an aim to get the car finished on time (only 6 weeks until the first test day!) I'll be working on the car on Tuesday and Thursday night this week as well as Saturday and Sunday, hopefully Half of Saturday and the whole of Sunday, (Sat timing dependant on a delivery arriving sometime on Saturday).

15 December 2008

The front suspension is going back on nicely, and the fettled front uprights look a lot better for the angle grinding that went on taking a few hundred grams off each! I'll be in the garage for a bit on Wednesday and Thursday nights after work, then probably Monday 22nd afternoon.

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