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Wild Carr Racing are a team of engineers based in Huddersfield who have been brought together to prepare and race sports cars through a shared passion of motorsport. The team is currently racing a Fisher Fury Fireblade kit car in the 750 Motor Club’s Road-Going Bike-Engined Kit Car Championship (abbreviated to RGB) and participates in local charity and motoring events in addition to racing . The team each year selects a charity to help with fund raising and promotion. We are always receptive to new members who can help by giving time or expertise to help the team build the best race car possible. We have a number of sponsors from Huddersfield and the rest of the UK who help the team in a number of different ways, and are always looking for new partnerships.

Henry Carr - Team Principle and driver

Henry is a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer for Cummins Turbo Technologies. After building his Fireblade powered Fisher Fury kit car, he competed in sprint series before before entering the 750MC Road Going Bike Engined Kit Car series.

Mark Croft - website

Mark works as an Electronics Development Engineer and has a passion for Formula One and cars in general. He will be assisting the team on the Charity work, sponsorship and at the races throughout the season.

Tom Ingrey - Fabrication and weight removal

Tom has a wide range of motoring interests and experiences including dirt bikes, land rovers and drag racing. He has been very busy over the winter, identifying areas and carrying out the work necessary to lighten the car. He has also played a major part in refurbishment of the bodywork.

Nathan Webb - Aerodynamics

Nathan is currently studying to be a Mechanical Design Engineer. As well as assisting with the general improvement programme, he is also leading the development of the cars aerodynamics.

Menelaos Chatzakis - Engine and bodywork

Menelaos is currently working as a Mechatronics Engineer and has a background in mechanical and automotive engineering. Since joining the team he has revealed part of his madness about race cars and engines. His efforts so far have been concentrated on the engine and bodywork.
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