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Snetterton , 20 September 2009


Having not been to Snetterton in 3 years made learning the track during the qualifying session a bit more challenging than usual. Being one of the first out meant that I didn't have anyone else's line to follow and had to find my own way round each corner. After 7 laps I noticed that the engine note was getting louder and then suddenly got very loud the next lap. I pulled off the track before the session ended to make sure that nothing was damaged and found that the end of the silencer had failed. This didn't seem to harm my lap times though and I managed to net my first ever class pole position and knocked 5 seconds off my previous fastest lap at the circuit.


Having spent several hours making a new end plate for the silencer I headed out on track hoping that the bolts and chemical metal holding it all together would hang together long enough to see me through the race. I made a good start and kept with the pack through the first corner, but through the second corner and the following straight I lost out to Colin Chapman and Richard Wise. I fought back straight away and managed to overtake Richard on the back straight on the second lap to re-take second in class. A race-long battle for the class lead followed with places swapping several times. I started having difficulties slowing the car down at the chicane and had to take to the grass to avoid bumping Colin, so ultimately finished a very close second in class.

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